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British Museum - Things to do

The British Museum

The British Museum is housing a collection of human history over the last two million years. It is a world-famous museum that was established in 1753. The signature of the British Museum is its main entrance with Greek temple style portico. It is located in the Bloomsbury area of London and the nearest tube stations are Tottenham Court Road and Holborn. The British Museum attracts over five million visitors per year and the admission is free.

Today, the British Museum has grown to become one of the biggest museums in the world with an area of over 990,000 square feet. It is a museum dedicated to human history, art and culture. It houses permanent and remarkable collection of about 7 million works, illustrating and documenting the story of human culture from its beginnings to the present. The museum also has special exhibitions, events and talks to advance your understanding of human history. You will have a chance to view some of the World-renowned objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures and Egyptian mummies.

The Department of Middle East is the world’s biggest and most important collection of Mesopotamian antiquities outside Iraq, displaying 330,000 works that will catch your eye. If you are a fan of the Albertina in Vienna, you will also love the Department of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum! Take your time to enjoy the best print room collections alongside some of the greatest national collection of Western prints and drawings. It has its own exhibition gallery where the displays and exhibitions change a few times per year. In addition, the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities with more than 100,000 pieces outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. It includes objects of all times that reflecting the cultures of the Nile Valley, from the Presynaptic Neolithic period through to the Coptic (Christian) times, with a time-span of over 11,000 years.

If you are looking for some great entertainments on Friday night, there are a wide variety of special events at the British Museum, such as dance performances, special music and film screenings.