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Hotel near Sea Life London Aquarium


The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is one of biggest collections of worldwide marine life in Europe.  It is located in the beautiful city of London along the banks of the River Thames.  You will discover more than 50 kinds of prominent ocean livings in SEA LIFE, where visitors will be captivated by the underwater tunnel walkway.  It is no surprise to see countless species (more than 300!) and the most horrified sea-killer – sharks swimming spontaneously in front of you.  Visitors should not miss out the feeding time – the expert divers calmly feed the frightening sharks and piranhas in a tiny transparent tank.   If you are daring enough, you could go for one of their live experiences with sharks including ‘Snorkel with Sharks’ and ‘Feed the Sharks’ and all you need is to book in advance.  Prepare yourself for the most unforgettable moment with one of the terrified ocean livings in the world!

Last but not least, you will be greeted by the adorable penguins in SEA LIFE (can you believe they’re living in London?) plus hundreds of all-time-favourite ‘Nemo’ – the colourful clown fishes swimming in the stunning tunnel walkway.  Visitors are welcome to participate in ‘behind the scenes’ tour to team up with SEA LIFE expert team and learn how they care for the marine on breeding, preservation and conservation for all fresh-water species living in the beautiful ocean.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium has introduced the Frozen Planet. It is part of SEA LIFE and a face-to-face entertainment technology to take you through an interactive walk in the magical polar ice worlds.  During the journey, you will be ‘meeting’ polar bears and killer whales under the incredibly freezing wilderness. ‘Frozen Planet’ is already included in the entrance price and opened permanently in SEA LIFE.


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